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Cucumber Concubine / Wingdisk * Split 7" single.

Cucumber Concubine / Wingdisk

Split 7" on green vinyl + digital download version (mp3/FLAC/ALAC)

Artwork by Cailan Burns - instagram @cailan_desu

Musical contributions from: Ian Masters, Terako Terao, Jay Judge, and Mark Tranmer.

==== Side 1 ====

Cucumber Concubine:

i) "Bu bu bu bu"

ii) "Bu bu bu bu" [Terako Terao Remodelling]

iii) "Bu bu bu bu" [Ringtone]

==== Side A ====


“The Message in Mint”.


Ian: Lead & Backing vocals, Hand-Bells, Tsunami, Electric-Piano, Organ, Drums & Percussion.
Terako: Upright Bass, Textures.
Mark: Piano, Bassoon, Organ, Drums, Jazz & Miaow Guitars, Door.
Jay: Saxophone.


The first release on the "IF ANY" record label. if-001.

Written & Recorded in Asia.
Mixed in Asia / Europe.
Artwork via Oceania.

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NB: Copies can also be signed by Ian and Mark.

** Please note signed copies will ship on or after 21st July **

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