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Cucumber Concubine / Wingdisk * Split 7" single.

Cucumber Concubine / Wingdisk

Split 7" on green vinyl + digital download version (mp3/FLAC/ALAC)

300 vinyl copies were manufactured.

Cucumber Concubine/Wingdisk Limited edition green vinyl 7"

"Prior to most people having the internet in their pocket, Ian and Mark
were planning to meet friends in a London pub. We had arrived at the
pub early, and discovered to our disappointment that the pub was not
open for the day. How to convey to those friends arriving later that
we had moved to another pub nearby, but hidden away in a different
street? The answer proposed by Ian was to use an extra-strong mint to
write a message on the pavement outside the original meeting place.”

Side 1: Wingdisk - “The Message in Mint”.
Mark Tranmer: Piano, Bassoon, Organ, Drums.
Ian Masters : Lead & Backing vocals, Hand-Bells, Tsunami, Electric-Piano.
Terako Terao: Upright Bass, Textures.

Side A: Cucumber Concubine “Bu-bu-bu-bu”
A1 “Bu-bu-bu-bu”
A2 “Bu-bu-bu-bu Terako Terao Remodelling"
A3 "Bu-bu-bu-bu ringtone"
Ian Masters: Vocals, Organ, Drums & Percussion.
Terao Terako: Upright Bass.
Mark Tranmer: Jazz & Miaow Guitars, Door.
Jay Judge: Saxophone.

Recorded in China, Japan and Scotland in 2017/18.

Artwork by Cailan Burns - instagram @cailan_desu

Musical contributions from: Ian Masters, Terako Terao, Jay Judge, and Mark Tranmer.


The first release on the "IF ANY" record label. if-001.

Signed and unsigned versions are available - please choose from the options below.