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gnac the LTM years: 3 CDs.

The three gnac albums released by LTM between 2006-2007 available here as a low-price bundle.

The three factory-sealed CDs for sale in this bundle are:

"Twelve Sidelong Glances" (2006) (LTM 2446)
"Mark Tranmer makes a form of easy listening that is both intelligent and strangely compelling, and Twelve Sidelong Glances is his most consistent offering yet" (Leonard's Lair, 05/2006)

"Sevens (bis)" (2007) (LTM 2477)
"Compelling imaginary soundtracks, lovely liquid records. This 1999 collection now resurfaces in expanded form, adding singles and compilation cuts to its original if-John-Barry-was-French theme. Spellbinding highlights such as Legrand Illusion and Une Chanson du Crepuscule spell it out, but all else about this hanging, evocative music, which can make a single piano or guitar miniature echo an orchestra bringing the noir into a Melville film, is subtlety incarnate." **** (4/5) (Uncut, 03/2007)

"The Arrival of the Fog" (2007) (LTM 2491)
"Like a soundtrack to that cool arthouse film you never managed to see, this collection of mellow grooves includes the wonderful mock John Barry posturing in the title track and Bright Days In Winter, all plush electronic instrumentation and majestic yet tasteful melody, and a flirtation with the sophistication of ambient Gallic chill out grooves with Nautical Episodes" (The Scotsman, 12/2007).