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wingdisk || Time Is Running Out (VF 005D)

Ian Masters (Pale Saints, Friendly Science) + Mark Tranmer = Wingdisk.

They recorded a 4-song e.p called "Time Is Running Out" in a house in Japan. The E.P. was released as a black vinyl 10" on French label Isonauta in 2003.

Available here as a digital download in FLAC, ALAC and mp3 formats is the 4 track e.p (including all inter-song samples), plus six additional tracks; some recorded at the same session, a few at later sessions.

Ten tracks in total, as listed below:

Time Is Running Out E.P.:

Kumo Tamago
Departure Lounge
Tachibana Lament

Six Additional Tracks:

Pink Snow (club mix)
Kuro Tamago (robot mix)
Pink Snow (space mix)
Departure Lounge (instrumental demo)
Horror Music

"This is a weird and psychadelic EP from Ian Masters (Pale Saints) and Mark Tranmer (gnac) that fits almost nowhere in my record collection but is still somehow intriguing. Wingdisk combine simple drum machine patterns with hanging, wistful synth chords to create obvious, almost naive arrangements for Masters to sing over. Everything sounds very home-recorded and it joyfully spits in the face of the trendy laptop production that almost anyone else would have put these songs through. The songs are all stitched together with location recordings of public places in Japan which to Western ears makes them all sound a little odd and out of place. I imagine the duo couped up in a Tokyo hotel Lost In Translation-style and recording a handful of simple jams that were later sequenced into this EP. I'm sure it didn't go down that way, but that's what is interesting about this release. For all of its composers previous experience with making bigger records, this seems like a deliberately left-field, tiny record meant to be enjoyed by only the smallest circle of friends. It shares a reluctance to be categorized with later His Name Is Alive material and at times sounds like the work of a couple of high-school friends trying their hand with a four-track tape recorder. For that mystery alone, it's worth a listen."

(; review of the original 4-song E.P.)