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The Montgolfier Brothers || Journey's End E.P. (V&S 4D)

Journey's End is a 2005 CD single on the Vespertine and Son label by The Montgolfier Brothers (Mark Tranmer and Roger Quigley).

The 4 songs on the E.P. are available here as a digital download in FLAC, ALAC and mp3 formats.

** This is not the album "All My Bad Thoughts" - this is related material on an E.P. Only 'Journey's End' on this E.P. is from the album. The other three audio tracks are different versions or new songs.

Originally released in 2005 on Vespertine & Son.


Journey's End
Bridestones Revisited
Koffee Pot Blues
Koffee Pot Brass*

* Featuring the Mytholmroyd Colliery Band