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Mark Tranmer & Alessandra Celletti || The Red Pages (VF 001/001D)

25-track piano-based album recorded live in the studio in Rome with Italian virtuoso pianist, Alessandra Celletti.

VF001D is a digital download of the 25-track album.

VF001 is the original double CD of the GNAC (Mark Tranmer) with Alessandra Celletti, the red pages + GNAC the unread pages + demos. In original shrink wrapped package in mint condition. A DL of The Red Pages is also included with the 2CD editions.

Final photo is Alessandra Celletti & Mark Tranmer playing the red pages live in Rome in December 2010.


VF001D contents:

The Red Pages:

The Struggle: Main Theme [2:14]
The Struggle: Variation One [1:47]
The Struggle: Variation Two [1:20]
The Struggle: Variation Three [0:49]
The Struggle: Variation Four [1:16]
The Lake: Main Theme [5:06]
The Lake: Variation One [2:22]
The Lake: Variation Two [1:43]
Gogol: Main Theme [3:10]
Gogol: Variation One [2:55]
Costume Drama: Main Theme [3:21]
Costume Drama: Variation One [1:42]
Costume Drama: Variation Two [1:37]
Slow Landscape: Main Theme [2:43]
Slow Landscape: Variation One [2:00]
Slow Landscape: Variation Two [1:44]
Slow Landscape: Variation Three [3:31]
Lullaby: Main Theme [1:39]
Lullaby: Variation One [1:24]
Lullaby: Variation Two [2:15]
Lullaby: Variation Three [1:10]
Lullaby: Variation Four [1:13]
As The Fog Thickens: 1 [1:18]
As The Fog Thickens: 2 [1:57]
Halloween [3:54]

Review (of original 2 x CD):

"The Red Pages is a collaboration that happened over two days (seemingly on the hoof) in a studio in Rome between composer and multi-instrumentalist, Mark Tranmer (who goes by the name of gnac) and pianist Alessandra Celletti. And they must have had a ball, because there’s a fair bit of music for a two day session; the first CD is around an hour in length, and the second CD is chockfull of demo’s different versions and the like.

Disc one is split up into sections named The Struggle, The Lake, Gogol, Costume Drama, Slow Landscape, Lullaby, As the Fog Thickens and Halloween respectively. Bits are very memorable indeed: the Lake suite comprises of three beautiful evocations of slowly moving or still water. Sometimes the music is bolstered by some soft guitar runs, (when this happens there’s a very close link to the kind of stuff Popol Vuh did in the mid ‘70s). Gogol - I presume we’re all thinking about the Russian comic writer here - is a good title for the two whimsical pieces that go by his name. And the pieces for As The Fog Thickens and Halloween are tremendously sinister at times.

Some of the more enigmatically named pieces sometimes seem to have little to do with their names, however. I can’t really visualize any struggle inherent in The Struggle, and I’m struggling to equate Costume Drama with the beautifully floating pastoral tracks on here.

No matter, this is a great LP to relax to."