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gnac music on an art documentary by David Hockney
Music by gnac was used on a very interesting BBC documentary called "Secret Knowledge" by David Hockney. 
Go to 15:58 onwards in this film for "Continental Balcony Twilight" from Friend Sleeping by gnac accompanying the discussion of the chandelier.

And "Nanami Togarashi", also from Friend Sleeping by gnac, is background music from about 28:50 onwards on this one below in a discussion about computer manipulated art in the context of one of Bouguereau's paintings. The whole documentary is interesting (also nice bits of music by Yann Tiersen on there).

Posted on April 6th, 2015
Music from "The Ringer"

Mark Tranmer provided some background music to "The Ringer" adapted from the novella by crime writer Tony Black. This "tartan noir" play was first staged at the Ayr Gaiety Theatre in February 2015.

The music is from the album: "How Scarlet The Leaves"

Film of live stage play, with tomfoolery & skullduggery. Note: strong language and scenes of violence.

Ringer_Show from Pete Martin on Vimeo.

Music by Mark Tranmer was used for the trailer and audience reaction videos.

1. "How Scarlet The Leaves (III)" from How Scarlet The Leaves - Trailer Film:

The Ringer – Trailer (no swearing) from Pete Martin on Vimeo.

2. "Cusp & Brow" from How Scarlet The Leaves - Audience Reaction Film:

The Ringer – Audience Reaction Vox Pops from Pete Martin on Vimeo.

Posted on April 6th, 2015